Important  information, Availability & Booking Criteria

 Important Booking information

Personal address detail and phone conversation will only take place once you have paid you deposit.

You must confirm you booking is still going ahead 2 hours prior to your session.

Once you have contacted me and confirmed I will give out the  postcode And or near by motorway junction or train/bus station


Once you reach the area postal code you ring or msg and I will give you the final details.

Each booking made requires a £50 deposit to eliminate time wasters and sex pests... Yes that right.

The amount of time waster on this plant is horrendous, so don't take a personal offence.

Your £50 deposit id to secure your session booking.

Your  £50 booking deposit is to be paid via bank transfer or cash app, I don't use PayPal and will NOT accept amazon gift card/vouchers for deposit.

The rest is paid cash on arrival before any play begins.

If agreed before session with mistress (bank transfer or cash app or card/contactless payments are acceptable) on the day as preferred agreeable alternative payment instead of cash.(this will be checked before play begins)

Deposits are NOT refundable unless mistress has to cancel your booking. This will only be for personal reasons of if I'm poorly.

I will not explain myself and or go into personal affairs as to why I have to cancel, as this maybe personal and doesn't concern you.

Everyone is entitled to privacy.

I will however give you a brief idea as to why I have to cancel.

I will try my up most to give you as much notice as possible, 24 hours or could be as little a few hours... but WILL not be less than 1 hour that is completely unreasonable and unprofessional

I will always try to rearrange your booking rather than cancel.

For what ever reason if  rearranging isn't convenient then mistress will refund your deposit that very same day, usually with a few hours.

 I use Amazon and will accept sometimes online payment for a short online session

Provided it is £50 or under.

Do Not try to barter on the price, the price is the price

Anyone whom wishes do dress as a t girl or in any kink  related fetish wear, i.e. Latex, dolls, gimp, sissy s or sluts please dress when you have arrived & dress down before you leave this is  for your discretion & privacy only
Shower facilities are available.
Also provided are Fresh Clean towels, toiletries & hand sanitizer.

These facilities are only available after messy play i.e.
water sports, anal play, food play, blood play, wax play, humiliation play & to remove makeup etc for the tgirls

These facilities are here for the above purposes & not because your cant be bothered to shower before you arrive!

10am - 1pm Week Days
Evening/Week Days
Weekends 10am-10pm