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Seductive & Sadistic

So I'm Mistress Roxy Lancashire's Seductive & Sadistic Mistress.

Lancashire born and bread, no filter, I say it as it is!!

I have many years experience in BDSM.


 I welcome all Kinksters of any race or gender.

I'm un shockable, seriously so try me!!

YES I'm real and yes you are speaking to me...

I don't use filters so the person you see in the pictures is 100% me!

I love every session I do and can honestly say I haven't come across a session I don't like.

I'm skilled, creative & love to try new things.

I'm a lover of pushing boundaries so when I say "last one"  That always means there is at least another to follow.

I'm loud, bubbly, chatty & love a good Laugh. Its been said I have a dirty but very infectious laugh and a wicked sense of humour.

I will Laugh with you and laugh at you.

Now then  I change extremely quick into character, My clients say this is a special gift, however I will let you decide.

I have an extremely hard hand just thought id put that out there :)

I will respect your limits, but I will relish in taking over your mind body and soul....


I'm a petite curvy female.

 Just short of 5ft 1inch

My feet are a size 4

I have 2 little toes rings that I never take off!

So don't swallow them will you? Unless of course I tell you too!

 Husky voice, Black hair, green eyes.

My eyes do change to tones of blue depending on my mood.

My star sign is Virgo just incase your into all that!

Ample boobs, big booty & dress size 12

Smoker, social drinker.

2 tattoos & a few Piercings.

Anything else you want to know just ask!

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